ARTISANAL FRENCH PRODUCTION “Made in France”, our macarons are produced from start to finish in the same way as an artisanal craft in our workshop near La Rochelle. Our teams are internally trained in a production process of the finest detail.


CAREFULLY CHOSEN BASE INGREDIENTS To create our sweet treats, at NUANCES GOURMANDES we select the best base ingredients and rigorously respect the current hygiene standards.


QUALITY LABEL The NUANCES GOURMANDES macaron recipes are all created by Guillaume MABILLEAU “Best Craftsman in France (MOF) for patisserie”. As an expert in his field, he guarantees the quality of the products himself and is happy to answer any of your questions.


DIVERSE RANGE Nearly 100 filled macaron flavours and 18 shell colours are available in 3 sizes … The choice is yours!


PRESENTATION AND PACKAGING The macarons and shells to be filled are presented in special packaging for storage and delivery:

  • 16 macaron casing above and below the macarons made from transparent, recyclable PET
  • Specially designed cardboard boxes for freezing and delivering that is strong and sound, does not absorb smell and does not soften in the freezer.


ACCORDANCE WITH THE CURRENT LEGISLATION NUANCES GOURMANDES provides clear and precise labelling for each of their products (particularly regarding allergens) and only uses natural colourings in accordance with the current regulations and dose requirements.


TRACEABILITY NUANCES GOURMANDES guarantees the traceability of their entire production line. From receipt of the raw materials to the production process to the delivery of the final products. You can contact us at any point should you require any additional information.


SHELF LIFE The NUANCES GOURMANDES macarons are produced then frozen, and stored at -18°c, allowing them to be stored for up to 18 months from the date of production.


TRANSPORT We deliver our products in frozen conditions by an external company that we outsource. We guarantee that our packaging is strong and designed for transport, in order to ensure products are delivered without any damages.


WEIGHT AND SIZES Our filled macarons measure + or – 4.5cm in diameter and weigh + or – 20g. The weight/size ratio provided by the NUANCES GOURMANDES macarons are very generous.


PRESERVATION AND SERVING Our macarons should be eaten fresh. We recommend storing them for up to 6 days in the fridge (2/4°c) after defrosting to ensure that the optimal taste quality standard is retained.


CUSTOMISED PERSONALISATION Special flavours, customised packaging or a combination of the two...We can help create and bring to life your desires. If you are interested in personalised products, please feel free to contact us.


OUR CLIENTS No client is too small! We cater for all kinds of clients in need of our products: bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate-makers, ice cream-makers, delicatessens, restaurant owners, retailers, wholesale dealers, suppliers, hotels, palaces, exporters...All of our clients are treated with the same level of service and satisfaction.


SAMPLING On request, we offer the possibility of providing you with samples from our product range.